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Friday, November 15

Tonight on The Last Word: All 1100 pages of the Republican tax bill were revealed today, and they confirm what we already knew – the richer you are, the more you stand to benefit from the bill. Now, Senators Corker and Rubio are back on board, despite having had no time to read the actual bill. Lawrence breaks down what these flips reveal about Corker’s and Rubio’s political futures. Michael Flynn is back in the headlines after the Mueller probe requested documents pertaining to Flynn from Deutsche Bank – however, President Trump indicated today that he is not ruling out a possible pardon for Flynn. Fox News is continuing their smear against Robert Mueller by accusing the FBI of anti-Trump bias, and now, some Republican politicians are calling for Mueller to be fired. Bruce Bartlett, Josh Barro, Asawin Suebseng, Harry Litman, and Joan Walsh join. Plus, former Congressman Barney Frank joins to offer his perspective on the GOP tax bill and Sen. Corker’s decision. Also, a very special update from Lawrence on the KIND Fund.

2017-12-16 04:13:07 UTC

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