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018 - Medical Organizing Binder

Medical Organizing Binder

I’m really excited to share the details of my medical organizing binder with you all.

If you listened to the podcast last week, you  heard me introduce my new physical binders. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

Next week, we’ll deep dive into the financial organizing binder.

From Digital To Physical

Many of you will know that I used to offer my medical organizing binder as a digital download over at Organize 365. You can no longer get a digital download because it has been replaced by my physical binders - you get everything that you need delivered right to your door!

An upgraded digital copy is included with every purchase of the new physical binders. This gives you the opportunity to print out more sheets, if needed.

For everyone who downloaded the 2017 digital medical and organizing binder, especially those wonderful people who purchased it for the fundraiser for Avondale House, please don’t worry if yours is out of date.

Although the sheets have been upgraded and are slightly different, all of the original sheets are still great for making your own binder. There is no need to order more, unless you want everything to match.

The Format – One Binder Per Person

You’re going to need one binder for each person with medical needs. The whole point of my binders is to make sure that your medical papers are organized, so one per person works well.

When I started to put my binders together, I realized that we only needed two in our house, rather than the assumed four. Greg and I may well need a medical organizing binder in the future, but at the moment, thankfully, we don’t have a lot of medical needs and so we don’t need binders at this stage.

You do, however, need one for each person who has medical needs. If you’re a caretaker, get yourself one of my binders. Personally, we have binders for both of our children and I honestly couldn’t live without them!

Personalize The Binders To Suit Your Individual Needs

One of the things that I have talked about a lot over on the Organize 365 Podcast is that if you have children with learning disabilities or medical conditions, it makes sense to have all of their medical and educational information in one place. Doctors and education requirements interchange so by storing all of these documents alongside each other, you’re saving yourself time and effort in chasing information from different places.

Free Printables!

I love to give you free resources and this week is no exception! They’re a great way to give you a taste of what you can expect from the binders and what they’re all about. I’ll be giving you a new one for every week in this podcast episode series on binders.

This week, my gift to you is a 1-page adult medical information sheet that I think every single member of the family should own. It’s vitally important to not only have this, but also to keep it up to date on a regular basis.

It contains all of the vital information that someone else would need in a medical emergency. Think of it as an adult version of a kid’s school medical information registration form.

The sheet also contains sections on health care providers, important health information and current medications, medical equipment, allergies, immunization record, preferred hospital, among many other things.

You can get this for free by clicking here.

What Can I Expect In The Binder?

Here are some of the highlights of the binder, but there’s plenty more besides.

Medical and Health History 

How many times have we been to the doctors and they’ve quizzed us on our personal and family medical history? It’s often hard to answer all of the questions fully so the binder is a great space to be able to document all of this information.

I like to think of it as my personal medical journal.

Key Milestones For Children

I’ve been asked numerous times for dates for specific physical milestones in my children’s lives and it’s honestly a tricky one. If you have kids, can you remember the age when they first sat up, said their first word, or took their first step? My children are adopted so it made some of these questions even harder to answer!

Apparently from a neurological point of view, these questions are very important and so instead of guessing, take the time to go back through baby books and photographs and pinpoint these early childhood milestones. Take it from me, you’ll feel like a better mom when you have this information ready at the doctor’s office!

Diagnosis Tracker

This is a really useful way of tracking the behaviors and the medical situation of someone you’re caring for, especially the young or the elderly. It could be a child with diabetes, for example, but you can tailor and personalize the tracker to suit your individual situation.

Often, true medical diagnosis aren’t made for a number of years. By being able to track problems, they could help you to get a firmer diagnosis quicker.

Mary, from our Content Creation Team, is a cardiology ER nurse and is making up additional trackers so all areas of diagnosis tracking should be covered.

There’s also an allergy and medication tracker included for the same reasons.

Lab Results Tracker

The original digital medical and financial binders were created for people to use when they become the caregiver and power of attorney and are in charge of the estate for their parents.

This was as a direct result of how lost I felt in the last year of my father’s life. I was travelling four hours each way to see him and I found it really difficult to remember test result numbers from one visit to the next. I wish I’d had the Lab Results Tracker at that time as it would have been really good to be able to keep track of these at home.

Appointment Tracking

As a caretaker, you have to start making decisions based on observations. Sometimes people’s behaviors will tell you more about how they’re feeling than even test results can. This is where these trackers really shine.

When you can track observations from one appointment to the next, it’s possible to start seeing patterns that doctors would not necessarily be able to see.

An immunization record is also included here.

Personalization Is Key

My Medical Organizing Binder comes with 5 slash pockets and, for my children, this is where I store the information on personal goals that I’m working on with them. All of the core medical information is in the front so it leaves space for other things that aren’t directly medical, but intrinsically linked.

The tags are very specific to the individual and for the role you play as the caregiver for that person. You can turn it into a journal, if you wish.

A Word Of Wisdom

Being able to give your child a Medical Organizing Binder when they leave home will really help to set them up for success in the future.

This is the second podcast in this binder series. Over the next three episodes, I’ll continue to tell you all about the individual features of each, why I love them, and why you should love them, too!

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