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Cade Ortego
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Episode 12: Is it ok to call dibs on someone you like? - Catch Cade | For Teens By Teens
Yanny or Laurel? Yanny and Laurel took the internet by storm last week. We all usually hear "Laurel". Here's a video that just includes the audio track so you can decide for yourself. Funny video of the week This kid Curtis on "Wife Swap" is off the chain! Bacon is not good for you Curtis is soooo funny! The Feels In "The Feels" segment this week we debate if it's ok to "call dibs" on a girl or guy you like. May sound crazy, but it happens all the time and it can drive a wedge between close friends. Listen to what Cade, Sydnee and Quin have to say about the practice in Episode 12 of the Catch Cade podcast. All Rights Reserved. Catch Cade 2018.
2018-05-25 13:45:32 UTC

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