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Welcome to the Balance and Motherhood podcast - the show that explores 2 seemingly incompatible things: balance and motherhood, and how to integrate them. How to put yourself first despite temptations and suggestions to do otherwise. Practicing self-love and self-care in motherhood. Because there’s a billion resources out there on being a better parent and how to raise your kid. This is a resource for being a better you and remembering to raise yourself up. We’re all in this together. So let’s have some fun, real, raw, honest conversation about it - the thoughts, experiences, failures, triumphs and random goofs that pop up as we navigate this crazy and beautiful journey.

Sarah Bivens
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Monday Momtra: You Get to Choose What Defines You

What happens when pretty much everything you thought you knew about yourself and what you owe your success and sense of identity to is taken away?

I’m putting on my lifestyle coaching hat for today’s Monday Momtra and pulling an example from a client call I had about a year ago. For some reason it popped back into my awareness and I feel the topic and lesson is very real, relatable and valuable.

I was talking to a client, let’s call her Anna. Anna was sharing a wound of hers that continued to present challenges in terms of her confidence and self-love. It had to do with an organization that she was a part of for a number of years, that she felt contributed greatly to who she is now as a person. When some things went sour and she left the organization, she felt that she was nothing without it. She saw her value as a person wrapped up in her membership to this organization.

Many of us can relate to versions of this. Sometimes when a phase or season of life changes, our foundations can get rocked a little. A relationship, job, role or responsibility, geographical location -- when these things evolve, it can be tough to evolve along with the rest of the world.

So what do we tell ourselves or remind ourselves when things move on? Ehhem...espeically in motherhood! Where our responsibilities are constantly changing. And then what happens when we’re not needed the way we used to be? I’ve got some ideas on how to cope with these changes, and an idea to hold onto that can boost you up for a rocking week ahead!

2018-01-15 21:49:19 UTC

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