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Tony Dungy | Tips for Life, Teamwork and Success

Tony Dungy is a father of ten, author, retired NFL coach, and National Spokesman for @AllProDad.

In this episode of Positive University, Jon Gordon talks with Tony about life, teamwork and success.

A few quoteables from Tony include:

Life is like a movie. You don't know how it's going to end. What you see right now is just a snapshot.

A moment (good or bad) doesn't have to define you.

A team with a common bond working for a common purpose is hard to beat.

When you're playing for each other vs yourself, you're more likely to win.

Who can we help? <- A good way to approach life.

Look at it like you're helping someone vs just being their boss.

Your job as a leader is to help those you lead to get better.

Often you don't know it at the time but the adversity you face now is training you for a better future tomorrow.

Success to me is doing everything you can do with the skills and the gifts God gives you.

2018-06-21 16:57:35 UTC

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