The Introvert’s Edge: Discover the Strategies and Tactics of Introverted Global Business Leaders
Growing up, I believed my introversion was a roadblock in the way of success, a wall that needed to be knocked down in order to accomplish my goals. The breakthrough came when I realized I had it backwards – instead of fixating on the difficulties associated with being an introvert, we introverts should harness our unique qualities to dominate in business and in life. Introverts are creative, empathetic, thoughtful, detail oriented, analytical, and well-prepared – talk about qualities that bring success! <br /> <br /> I created The Introvert’s Edge Podcast to start a dialog around introversion, and to confront and debunk the myth that introversion somehow prevents us from becoming inspirational and successful people. The goal is to empower introverts to embrace their natural abilities and harness them to achieve amazing success.<br /> <br /> Guests include industry experts, global brand founders, and business titans, all highly accomplished introverts. Listen as they open up about their personal challenges with introversion, the “aha” moment that changed everything, what they’ve learned along the journey, the specific tactics and strategies they employed, and what they consider their “introvert’s edge.”<br /> <br /> Don’t think of these as your standard interviews. They’re action-oriented how-to’s that help you identify and leverage your own natural gifts. They’re real, honest insights that they have never shared before; sometimes because they’re making them right there, for the first time. These are lessons from world-class innovators sharing the tools and ideologies that put them at the front of the pack – not despite their introversion, but because of it.<br /> <br /> This is your gateway to greatness. It’s time to embrace your own introvert’s edge, so you can break through your barriers and become the powerhouse you were born to be.

Matthew Pollard, Introvert, Author, Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Strategist
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Why Traditional Business Advice Doesn't Work for Introverts

Traditional business advice includes ideas such as, “Find an unmet need in the market and create an offering around it.” But this is a terrible suggestion for introverts. Introverts are more likely to focus on authenticity as a core business value. This means that trying to bend ourselves to the... View Article

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