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#4 Brand Personas

Are you one of those people who sees faces in everything? The clouds, dark alleys, toast? It’s called Pareidolia, and it makes the unrelatable, relatable by turning inanimate objects or abstract concepts into something we can tell stories about and have experiences with. You can harness this phenomenon with your brand by creating a brand persona.

  • When you take your brand descriptors (sarcastic, traditional, cool) and pair them with your qualifiers (what you ALWAYS do, what you NEVER do, what you BELIEVE, what you SUPPORT), your brand persona begins to come together. Your inanimate object – your brand – suddenly comes to life. You can tell stories about it; it can interact with your audience.
  • This might sound like a lot of trouble but take our word for it: it’s necessary. But lucky for you, we’ve got a pretty simple starter guide of brand personas: the Reinforcer, the Supporter, and the Challenger. Of course, we’ll tell you what they mean!
  • Reinforcers have a deep understanding of your customers’ needs. The content and messaging reinforces the audience’s worldview. For example, do you have a friend who thinks like you do? That’s your reinforcer, and that’s what a reinforcer brand does for its audience. Naturally, there are pros and cons. You get trust, resonance, easy community building, great targeting and streamlined funnels, but you trade off conversion from member to buyer and you can alienate many consumers.
  • Supporter brands are cheerleaders. Their customers have a big problem and supporter brands FIX it. They reinforce change. These brands are empowering, they have that new car smell, and their target market often defines themselves. On the other hand, they can face resistance to change and difficulty with emotional messaging.
  • Challenger brands are the most difficult to harness. You seek to change your audience’s deep-seated beliefs and worldviews. Have you ever tried doing that in real life? But the pros are that you get to go after a market that is edgy, against the status quo, and to whom contra-behavior is appealing. Think about Uber (after they ousted their creepy founder) and Airbnb. They are Challengers.
  • So, you might be wondering – what’s this all for? How does it affect my daily professional life? It’s simple. The stories you tell, the messaging and content you create, are all from the point of view of your brand persona. This is an endless source of inspiration for ways to connect with your audience, customers, and clients. If you know who you’re serving, you know who you ARE. This is the filter you’ll look through each time you sit down to create.

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2018-06-19 08:00:00 UTC

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