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Beth Kirby—the creative entrepreneur, educator, author, and social media influencer behind the award-winning lifestyle brand with a reach of over 1.2 million, the Local Milk blog—hosts Raw Milk, the Instagram filter-free podcast with business smarts & creative heart where she gets raw, real, and sometimes ridiculous about what it really takes to build a life and business you love, live slow, travel more, change the world, and make money while you do it. For years Beth has taught social media, branding, and visual storytelling at creative retreats around the world, and now she’s bringing those workshops to the airwaves. She gets vulnerable & real in interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, small business owners, and experts to teach you practical information about their day to day systems, creative processes, wins, and fails. You’ll learn step-by-step, actionable advice on how to build a truly fulfilling life and thriving business from the people who’ve done it. If you’re dying to know how to build an email list, how to start an online business, how Instagram influencers & bloggers actually make money, how to turn your art into a small business, how to publish a book, how to use social media marketing to generate profit, how to turn your followers into loyal customers, how you can be a digital nomad and work from anywhere in the world, how to build out a team & scale up, how to launch your product or brand, how to make six figures, how to create a sales funnel with integrity, how to find your creative voice, how to boost productivity, or just plain how to start & find your calling—then this podcast is for you. But, most of all, Raw Milk is for you if you want to learn how to do it all with mindfulness, intention, and joy. Because Beth believes there can be abundance without busy, and happiness without hustle. Raw Milk will teach you the practical skills & mindset necessary to manifest the income & the impact without the overwhelm.

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Navigating Anxiety, Depression & Procrastination as a Creative Entrepreneur

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, overwhelm, perfectionism, burnout or procrastination, you are NOT alone. The struggle is all too common, especially among creative entrepreneurs. The key is to navigate the challenges and develop coping mechanisms so you can thrive despite the mental hurdles.

Today, I’m sharing the strategies I use to fight my own battle with fear, anxiety and uncertainty. I discuss the importance of understanding your own patterns and regulating your energy accordingly as well as the value in connecting with other humans—friends, family or mental health professionals—when you start to feel overwhelmed.

I explain the danger in viewing mental health issues as a moral failing and offer insight around letting go of the all-or-nothing thinking that holds me back. Listen in to understand how I say ‘no’ without guilt or anxiety and learn about the deep connection between mental and physical health.

What You Will Learn

How common it is for creatives to struggle with mental health

How I fight fear, insecurity and uncertainty

  1. Know myself (patterns, weaknesses)
  2. Regulate energy accordingly
  3. Overcome uncertainty
  4. Connect with other humans
  5. Let go of all-or-nothing thinking
  6. Don’t try to fit square peg in round hole

My weaknesses around deadlines and overcommitting

The value of bringing in a mental health professional as necessary

Why mental health issues are NOT a moral failing or character flaw

How to overcome procrastination and ‘just start’

My strategies for coping when I’m really struggling

  • Rest, five-minute timer & list of ‘fires’

How to say ‘no’ without guilt or anxiety

The connection between mental and physical health

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Resources Mentioned

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK

‘The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship’ in Inc.

Intentional Goal Setting Workbook

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

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