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This show is for aspiring people. For those who truly want to make positive progress in their lives and succeed at their desired achievements. For those who do not want to settle! Every week we bring you today's most relevant and influential leaders in personal development and break down their messages so you can get massively inspired and take real action in your life. We keep out any offensive language and continue the legacy given to us by Zig Ziglar, of whom Seth Godin said on Tim Ferriss' show, "Zig is your grandfather, and my grandfather, he's Tony Robbins' grandfather - none of us would be here if it weren't for Zig."


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531: Dave Ramsey - Today in America, with money
Dave Ramsey - America’s voice for financial peace and financial health. Or we can just say, money. That thing that dictates far too much of our lives. How can we lead it instead of it leading us? We took a short time with Dave to get a pulse on the state of his views on finances in today’s culture and economy. What is harming us most, what could help us most? What trends do we need to be aware of? Dave is as candid and authentic as ever and also gives us a look inside the workings of his empire. You can, of course, connect with all Dave has to offer you at!

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2018-01-15 14:16:48 UTC

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