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Ep. 579, The Secret Adversary, Part 3 of 9, by Agatha Christie

Tuppence enters domestic service, as the Young Adventurers continue their search for Jane Finn. Agatha Christie, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

 Welcome to The Classic Tales Podcast. Thank you for listening.

This week marks the 11-year anniversary of The Classic Tales Podcast. For those of you who have become supporters in any way along this wild journey, thank you so much for your reviews, ratings, and financial support.

I started this podcast with a single idea in mind – I wanted to make the classics approachable. I wanted people who otherwise would never open a book to get exposed to the amazing wonderland of classic literature. For me, audiobooks were the answer. I had a hard time reading in school. Like, seriously struggled. I wanted to read the amazing stories I’d heard about, like Treasure Island and The Count of Monte Cristo and Shakespeare, but I just couldn’t. I. just. couldn’t. It was like my brain was broken or something. I had a terrible reading experience in high school struggling through The Scarlet Letter. There was no way I could understand that book. I probably read all of the words in it three times over, but I still didn’t understand what was going on. No matter how hard I tried, and I tried HARD.

So, the years go by, and I find myself in a job where I can listen to audiobooks while I work, and my world changed. Suddenly – it really was suddenly, like when a bolt of lightening hits, the world of literature opened up to me. Now, I could learn about all of these wonderful people and places, and experience all of their adventures, complete and unabridged. It was incredible, and it made me very happy.

A few more years go by, and I’ve plowed through the initial blast of Robert Louis Stevenson, Alexandre Dumas, Jane Austen, Edith Wharton, Henry James, Thomas Hardy and all of their colleagues that were housed on tape at my local library. Now, I have a small acting background, and it struck me more and more that what made a good audiobook was a good narrator, as well as good writing. I realized that some of these audiobooks would be a lot better if they had a better narrator. I mean, sometimes it was like the football coach was reading me The Scarlet Letter again. Yikes. It feels like there’s some amazing stuff that’s getting lost by the wayside, here.

Now, it’s 2007. My friend introduces me to podcasting. I have no ipod. I have no computer. I have a Walkman. Books on tape, right? He says, “No, this is the future. You do it at home, and send it around the world.” It sounded like a miracle. Turns out, it was.

I posted three episodes, and they went viral. My friend had to explain to me what that meant. People around the world loved what I was doing. And people were listening to books they never would have cracked open without this podcast. When I think of the kid who put down Frankenstein because it was too hard all those years ago, I think, this is AWESOME! People are amazing!

Thank you for being an integral part of that experience. Let’s keep going, and see what’s next!

And now, The Secret Adversary, Part 3 of 9, by Agatha Christie

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2018-06-15 06:30:00 UTC

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