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The podcast for pop culture and comic book fans. Each week the panel of comic book enthusiasts take a look at current titles, collected trades, and give their take on current pop culture news. Comic book fans will love the interplay between the panelists as they review weekly comics, discuss comic book news, and geek out over everything in pop culture. This show offers real world reactions to comic book topics and often things get heated. If you are looking for a comic book podcast that is fair and balanced in its views on the industry, look no further than Major Spoilers. Oh… and expect Major Spoilers.

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The Legion Clubhouse #21: Love in the Future

In this episode of The Legion Clubhouse, love is in the air, and one of these stories have repercussions for the future of the series?

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Adventure Comics #324
The Legion of Super-Outlaws!
w: Edmond Hamilton
a: John Forte
September 1964

A mighty new team of heroes arises, harboring an unexpected grudge against the teen heroes of the Legion.

Adventure Comics #325
Lex Luthor Meets The Legion Of Super-Heroes!
November 1964
w: Edmond Hamilton
a: John Forte

Superboy's new future pals meet his old friend (and future worst enemy!)

2018-01-12 16:01:17 UTC

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