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Since 2006, Anything Ghost has been sharing people's personal paranormal experiences. The stories are sent to Lex Wahl, who reads the experiences and sometimes adds music and effects to the background.

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Anything Ghost #243 - Text Message from the Dead at Mesa Cemetery, the House on Somerville Drive, Haunted Car Dealership and Much More!

Content for #243:

  1. Sammi (Florida, U.S.) – Tall Dark Figure
  2. Michael (Elmira Ontario Canada) - Beautiful Bedside Phantom
  3. Julia (London, UK) – Text Message from the Dead at Mesa Cemetery
  4. Leah (Independence, Missouri) – Kansas City Ghost
  5. Cassandra (Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada) – Bedside Ghost
    - Song Break - Christmas Time is Eerie
  6. Jessica (Charlotte, North Carolina) - Indian Burial Ground House in Weston, Florida
  7. Kyle (Napa, California) – Haunted Car Dealership
  8. Kaily (Virginia, U.S.) – Aubrey’s Ghost
  9. Philippa (Germany) – Haunting at Hooe Lake in Plymouth, England
  10. Anthony (Texas, U.S.) - Dark Figure Watching Us and Other Texas Stories
  11. Amy (Seattle, Washington) - The House on Somerville Drive
  12. Rajiv (U.S.) - Who Beckons Corinne To The Summit

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