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Token Skeptic 233 - On Complementary Medicine Laws In Australia and Choice Campaign
Hundreds of bizarre health claims such as "tonifies kidney essence" and "opens body orifices" could appear on complementary medicine labels under new laws being pushed by the Australian federal government. Consumer advocacy group Choice is urging the Australian public to tell Senators to knock back these laws so that Australians looking for vitamins and supplements can separate fact from fiction. Their campaign points out that "Proposed laws could see dangerous and potentially misleading claims on therapeutic goods, especially complementary and alternative medicines like herbal and homeopathic treatments. It means that products can claim to decrease the time it takes to fall asleep or help maintain healthy heart function without having scientific evidence to back their claims." I spoke to Katinka Day, the Campaigns Policy Team Leader at Choice Australia. ****************************** A quick note about supporting the podcasts! Check out – and consider becoming a Patreon for these shows.  Theme songs “Cosgrove” by Pogo, from and “Leap Second” by Milton Mermikides, of Additional ambient music from Jukedeck – create your own at Tremendous thanks to my Patreon supporters – they are: Stephen, Steven, Andrew, Troy, Jacqueline, Brooke, Gerry, Dr*T, Josh, Linley, Gold and Iggy. Make sure you check out the bonus content on Patreon and as always, you can join them by heading to (and check out the Talk the Talk podcast too!). Please leave positive comments and reviews on iTunes and consider supporting the show via visiting – and I’d love to get your feedback via  
2018-05-26 00:26:24 UTC

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