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The East Coast Listening Post
Sindhu Vee features a double dose of a fantastic new show from comedy duo Lazy Susan – Celeste Dring and Freya Parker – and listen out for Tim Key’s appearance in episode two as kids’ TV phenomenon Mr Splatt. Sindhu is doing a lot of impressions in this podcast, because life’s too short not to. And you’ll hear her take on the British aristocracy and her favourite kids TV characters. Fans of Sesame Street are in for a real treat… The East Coast Listening Post was created by Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated duo Lazy Susan. Across the series, journalist sisters, Jenna and Dana, tour the UK and interview its inhabitants in their quest to reveal something meaningful, inadvertently revealing themselves in the process. In the first episode of the series, Old Money, Jenna and Dana get a glimpse of the dying embers of the old British aristocracy. They go and stay with two elderly sisters, Gilly and Sally, whose neighbours are up in arms over the behaviour of the elder sibling who is refusing to grow old gracefully. Will the old aristocrats win round their neighbours by throwing a party in their honour? We'll find out. In episode two Jenna and Dana turn their attention to the British phenomenon that was 'Mr Splatt', a costumed character who dominated family entertainment television in the early 90s. They interview Carl, the man who was inside the suit, and hear the tale of his experience working in the entertainment industry. But, is Carl as innocent as he makes out? (Spoiler alert: no). The East Coast Listening Post was written and performed by Celeste Dring and Freya Parker, with performances from David Elms, Tim Key, Sally Grace and Maggie Ollerenshaw. The original score was composed by Owain Roberts. The script editor was Matthew Crosby. The production co-ordinator was Steve Lanham. The East Coast Listening Post was produced by Suzy Grant for BBC Studios Scripted Comedy.
2018-01-15 05:00:00 UTC

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