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This weekly podcast explores the intersection of running and mothering; it was launched in 2011 by the authors of RUN LIKE A MOTHER: HOW TO GET MOVING AND NOT LOSE YOUR FAMILY, JOB, OR SANITY. Host Sarah Bowen Shea, a mom of three and veteran of a dozen marathons, is joined by a rotating coterie of co-hosts and often a guest expert to discuss topics ranging from how to reach a big race goal to the value of a best running friend, and everything in between. Training, nutrition, motivation, mental toughness, TMI issues: These mother runners cover it all (and then some). This witty, conversational podcast makes a great running partner because these gals do all the talking—even on the uphills!

Another Mother Runner
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#316: Special Father’s Day Episode 2018
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin sit down with three father runners to get a look inside their lives. From early morning workouts to crying at the end of a race, the guys aren’t all that different from the gals. First up is Ty Francis, a trail runner/triathlete and a divorced dad of three young sons. A physical therapist, Ty tells why he adopted a guiding principle of training everyone should consider following. He also reveals why he had to let go of feeling competitive. Discover why he spent 22.5 hours on a bike—the reason will tug on your parental heart strings. Next, father of two Michael Goff joins the conversation. A newbie runner, Michael quickly describes himself as “athlet-ish, not athletic.” Laugh along with SBS and Coach Amanda as Michael explains why he doesn’t allow himself to go on Strava until at least an hour after a run. Courtesy of Michael, you’ll learn more acronyms (BRC; VBRF; BADR) to add to your vocab (in addition to BAMR). Michael is the first of two dads to admit to crying at a running race—the other one is the third guest, David Yonker. This Iowan father of two tells how he became an avid runner because of his wife. A pastor, David confesses a simple-but-clever trick he sometimes employs to catch his breath on a run. He talks about how he and his wife take turns with training cycles and workout times. Find out how the mighty Mississippi River factors into David’s life—as well as a fond fatherly memory of SBS.   In the introduction, Sarah and Amanda reminisce about the eerily similar athletic lifestyles of each of their recently deceased fathers, and how these strong men influenced their own sporty lives. For a vehicle that’s friendlier to the environment yet can hold you, your family, and all your summer gear, check out the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Learn more at Enjoy Chosen Foods: Get 50% off orders of $10 or more by using promo code MOTHERRUNNER at Stay hydrated with Nuun Electrolytes: Visit to receive 20% off your order when you use promo code AMRHYDRATE

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