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Brock Turner - 278 - Generation Why

Brock Turner. January 18, 2015. Stanford, California. Two Swedish PhD students riding bicycles discover a young man on top of an unconscious woman between some dumpsters. They intervene and chase him down. Police arrested Brock Turner, who claimed to have had a consensual encounter with the woman he had been seen with. But an investigation finds that she was unconscious at the time and he is prosecuted. A jury agrees and finds him guilty of sexual assault. Both Brock Turner and the judge who sentenced him faced a public backlash after Turner was given a 6 month sentence. A recall effort is currently underway to get Judge Aaron Persky removed. But Brock and the judge also have their defenders. Did the judge act within the law? Was the sentence too lenient? What should we take away from this case?

2018-04-15 19:49:08 UTC

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