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The Murders Of Thomas & Ann Farrow - 266 - Generation Why

The Murders Of Thomas & Ann Farrow. March 27, 1905. London, England. Thomas & Ann Farrow had been shopkeepers at Chapman's Oil and Colour Shop in Deptford for more than two decades. On the morning of March 27, 1905 they were victims of a vicious attack. Thomas was in the shop on the floor having been bludgeoned to death. Ann, barely breathing, was still in her bed having been bludgeoned as well. Police took witness statements and examined both the shop and the Farrow's flat for clues. In the early days of forensics it was not so easy to tie a crime to a person. The Farrow case would rest upon a new forensic science tool. One that would anger some who didn't believe it to be a real science. If the right people could not be convinced, this crime would go unpunished.

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