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This is the Home-Ec class you wish you'd taken in school. Co-hosts Graham Smith and Kirsten Dunlap are two moms on a mission to help others create elegant, livable, welcoming homes. Join them as they interview experts, tackle specific challenges, and share their homemaking fails and successes. Real families, real budgets, real homes.

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My Friend Is Sick…What Do I Do?: The Home Hour, Episode 121

On today’s episode we’re talking about the gracious art of caring for those we know and love…and specifically, how to do it when they’re sick. Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we chat about how to be the perfect source of support, caregiving, and encouragement with guest Lee Cordon from the fantastic etiquette blog: Do-Say-Give. This episode is packed with useful ideas and guidelines to help navigate what can be challenging situations.  We’ll discuss what to say and what not to say, gifts for children in the hospital, how to truly make life easier for our friends and family, and ways to perk up those hard working hospital employees! SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: PEACOCK ALLEY   Hey Home Hour Listeners! If this episode has inspired you to purchase something lovely for a sick friend, or perhaps you are in the market for a little upgrade to your linen closet, then you must visit  Peacock Alley! Peacock Alley is our go-to site for gorgeous luxury bedding, bath basics, and fine linens. We love the that you can layer different styles to create your own unique bedroom oasis and that the sheets get softer with every wash!  We also love that many of their products [...]

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