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Love Yourself Unconditionally
Do you ever have those moments when you replay a certain event in your mind over and over? It becomes so real, it’s almost like you are there. You start thinking, “What could I have done differently? Does this make me a bad person? Could I have handled things better?” I know when this happens I start judging myself. I become my worst critic, obsessing over how I lost my temper here or the person I hurt there. Ultimately, these moments don’t define us. What does define us is right now. What we do at this moment is who we are, and as long as we learned from our mistakes we shouldn’t judge ourselves. We need to forgive ourselves and stop the emotional punishment. To go more into this I wanted to bring you a clip from Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. for this episode of 5 Minute Friday. Don Miguel is a master of transformation, and he shares so much wisdom about forgiveness and moving forward with life on Episode 630.
2018-04-20 04:01:04 UTC

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