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'Optimistic and Hopeful' - 3/21/18
Hour 1
Austin Serial Bomber is Dead!...described by authorities as a 24-year-old white male...are there more suspects?...a crucial hour unaccounted for ...Sound Outreach (for all) with Jeff Klein and Riaz Patel...we are not hearing each other...Adam Smith, capitalism without morality ...dealing with poverty in the right way…how do we give people ‘a hand up’?'s expensive to be poor ...World Down Syndrome Day...Champion and Advocate Karen Gaffney joins the show to share the story of her 'great life'…Down syndrome didn’t keep her from swimming the English Channel…doctors said she wouldn’t be able to tie her shoes; look now...Radio Gold: Glenn and Stu compare their 'socks'??
Hour 2
'Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress’ with Harvard psychology professor Steven almost every conceivable measure, the lives and lifestyles of human beings are improving…Stu reads some amazing stats from Pinker’s book…war is down, poverty is down, malnutrition is down...the future looks bright ...don’t forget that ‘news’ is all about telling you the bad things…Critical Thinking 101?...the misconception of income inequality?...lacking appreciation for progress mankind has made...things can always be worse...the government is like a 'gadget'? 
Hour 3 
Where have all the Blue Dog Democrats gone? ...Saving People w/ Downs and Down Pride: International social justice activist, writer and spokesperson for Down Syndrome awareness Renate Lindeman ( joins the show...she's a campaigner for creating awareness of discriminatory and eugenic nature of the practice of prenatal screening practice at the UN level ...Pat needs to talk about the ‘Thank You for Your Service’ movie…VA expands services to combat alarming veteran suicide rate...Do your part to help veterans now at ...Did you know there is a war going on in Yemen? ...Bill O'Reilly was right?...Stormy Daniels, the new 24/7 story?...parsing the ‘Apprentice’ contestant’s account…she’s suing for ‘defamation'

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2018-03-21 18:06:15 UTC

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