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12/15/17 - Leave it alone, it works! (Bill O'Reilly & Stephen Kent join Glenn)
Hour 1 
The apocalypse is here!...FCC votes to get rid of net neutrality ...Is your internet running at 2015 speeds?...Imagine living without the internet...let’s make it a 'utility,' says the government...Solar power technology will be affordable for everyone in just 10 years...Netflix uses 1/3 of all the data on the internet...what's wrong with the ‘use more, pay more’ policy? ...Man of the Month: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai ...No Spoilers Alert!: Stu just saw the new Star Wars movie, 'The Last Jedi'…Super fan Stephen Kent of the Beltway Banthas podcast does his best to give a no-spoilers review…penguins disrupt?
Hour 2 
Giants are falling...and who's next?...Oklahoma college student falsely accused for "not going all the way"...A 'warlock hunt' ...Bill O'Reilly Friday: Here come more sexual allegations against President Trump...Where Glenn thinks Bill was right?...anonymous sources = bogus?...What about Watergate?...Bad candidates like Roy Moore usually lose...Marco Rubio's 2020 Presidential aspirations?...the movie viewing habits of Bill O'Reilly?...Free Bill O'Reilly books for Christmas @ 
Hour 3
President Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson for President?...third Johnson but first Rock? ...A bad case of evil is spreading throughout the world...Shocking Video from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health?...Eradicate Down syndrome ...killing while in the womb...wiping decency and kindness off the face of the earth ...The video you ‘have to see’ @ ...Glenn reviews his new favorite movie about Winston Churchill ...Stu can and he will? ...Huge Breaking News??
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2017-12-15 18:06:27 UTC

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