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Hosted by Dr. Michael Savage, multimedia icon of the conservative movement, The Savage Nation® delivers a bold perspective on American ideals and culture. Michael Savage has unparalleled determination to unearth the truth about liberalism and national security. His passion for traditional values such as the English language keep listeners tuned-in wherever they are. Savage has repeatedly been named by Talk Stream Live as one of the most influential and most listened-to streaming talk show hosts.

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The Savage Nation - 5/25/18

Rock n Roll Friday…

Should ex-felons be given the right to vote? – Mario Cuomo gave 24000 ex-felons the right to vote…..Have you been bullied? Did it make you a better person?...What’s the cause of the low birth rate?

Should Trump pardon Julian Assange?...Do conservatives have sex or just read constitution?...

i never learned how to play golf…it’s the slowest game…I do remember nearly being run over by the old Jewish men on carts.

Why does Robert Deniro have such a hatred for Donald Trump? He says the President is not welcome in any of his Nobu restaraunts. Let’s talk about food, and Memorial Day…and how Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party.

2018-05-25 22:50:23 UTC

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