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When Retirement Seems Impossible (with Dr. Steve Wendel from Morningstar)

Invest there, save here, charge this, spend that... what's behind our financial decision making? We might not personally have all of those answer, but we know someone who does. Coming down to the basement is the head of behavioral science at Morningstar, Steve Wendel. Morningstar has some alarming statistics about retirement, and Dr. Wendel will present eight different ways to solve some potentially big problems in your future.

And in our headlines segment... is the market about to take a tumble? We'll discuss why analysts think the market is about to endure a shake-up, and what you should be doing about it. In our second headline we're turning our attention to cryptocurrency. If only 2% of planners seeing the crypto as a viable investment option, should we be paying any attention to it?

Then, after Doug's trivia, we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to Blake who's asking about "play" money. After someone uses a "sandbox" account, do they replenish the fund? And in our letters segment we answer the question: What should you do with your cash if you're saving for a big purchase in the next year?

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2018-06-18 06:00:00 UTC

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