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Jennifer Fugo from Gluten Free School shares her cutting-edge and highly usable information about various topics that will simplify your gluten-free life. Topics range from the woes of celiac disease, building easy cooking skills, making healthy lifestyle choices while dealing with your family to dining out safely, understanding autoimmune disease concerns associated with living gluten-free, sugar addiction, energy issues and more! Practical, honest, and valuable, Jennifer tackles the tough topics for you (especially the ones avoided in the mainstream gluten-free media) and shares her wisdom of living a healthy, gluten-free life without the fuss. Join her as she answers your questions and interviews highly knowledgeable gluten-free guests and experts who are willing to share their secrets of getting healthy with you.

Jennifer Fugo: Expert, Author, Speaker & Advocate for Healthy Gluten-Free Living
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How to Silence Your Inner Critic, Get Answers & Take Action: GFS Podcast 093

Your inner critic can be the most deadly opponent you face. Day in and day out, it’s willing to go to awful lengths to keep you small, feeling trapped, and never making any changes no matter how necessary. And for that very reason, today’s podcast is one of the most personal I’ve ever recorded. If…

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2018-03-13 04:25:43 UTC

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