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Dr. Gonzales understands most athletes don't go to doctors because they are afraid of being told to stop or "rest." At Performance Place® Sports Care we focus on what you can do.... education and a positive mental attitude is half the battle! Learn straight from the Doc. Dr. Sebastian Gonzales specializes in Sports Injuries and overuse injuries. Learn from Dr. Gonzales and other experts in the correlated fields about sports injury theory, psychology of sports injuries, corrective exercises in fields, such as (physical therapy, physiotherapy and rehab).

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#69: Hamstring Anatomy Facts and Stories from Anonymous Guests

In this session we are going into some personal accounts of hamstring strains. In school, clinicians seem to get the textbook presentations… then they get out into the real world of healthcare and see all of the uniqueness of people and situations. People are unique… this is why case studies are great.

The patient’s I’m interviewing are not people I have confirmed have a hamstring injury but I did ask my network of people to find a “hamstring strain” for the interviews.

Do we need to know if they are truly hamstring strains or not? No, the takeaway from this session will be that this is what people experience when they “feel they have a hamstring strain.”

Other possible diagnosis for hamstring region pain are:

  • Lumbar Radiculitis
  • Referred Muscular Pain
  • Sacroiliac joint Dysfunction
  • Inflammatory/metabolic causes

Amongst a bunch of other things...

Always go see your sports doctor for a proper examination and treatment plan. Book an appt with Dr. Sebastian today!

Sebastian’s Youtube Channel for hamstring videos.

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Dr. Sebastian Gonzales is an expert in trouble shooting sports injuries and overuse conditions. This podcast is intended for sports medicine topics to become easier for patients and athletes to understand. Don’t get confused by what your doctor told you in your appointment. If you like in Orange County CA, book an exam with Dr. Gonzales, your Huntington Beach Chiropractor.

2018-01-10 12:00:00 UTC

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