Creative Destruction - Honest Conversations About Farming, Business, and Life
An honest look at what it takes to manage farms, businesses, and life all at the same time without having any of them fall apart in the process. This show is a hard look at real reality of eco-entrepreurism highlighting the success and failures of people out there making a go of it repairing the planet, solving problems, producing products, and making a living doing it. You’ll hear from experts who are far down their respective paths and people just like you who are starting out and making a go of it and learning as they go. Each episode gives you practical insights and advice that you put into action today. The show is hosted by Diego Footer. For more information visit

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Tips on Managing the Perfect Imperfections of Time and Ambition with Javan Bernakevitch (VOC242)
Javan Bernakevitch and I talk about the "balancing" life, time, and ambitions and how maybe the answer is just to do less.
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