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Mar. 17: Helio Sequence, Holly Andres, Kelli Schaefer, The Art of Prosthetics
This week on "State of Wonder," we get live music from Helio Sequence and Kelli Schaefer, travel the country with photographer Holly Andres, look at the design of prosthetic limbs, and harness the powers of karaoke to learn a language. Karaoke Has A New Role: Teaching Tool - 1:33 What’s the best way to learn a language? Some people might take a class or read a book, but our vote goes towards music, which is exactly what Salish teachers are using to introduce their Native American language to new speakers. Every year, a conference that celebrates Salish, a language spoken by many tribes across the Northwest, culminates in an annual Karaoke Contest in Spokane, WA. Contestants have to translate a song and perform it in front of judges. Our correspondent Emily Schwing was backstage at the contest this year. Museums Are Displaying Native Artifacts To Tell A More Complete Story - 6:01 Language isn’t the only facet of Northwest indigenous culture that’s getting focused attention right now. The region’s museum curators are working to update their exhibits in a way that both modernizes stories of indigenous people and tells them more truthfully. But what does that mean? Emily Schwing visited two Northwest museums to find out. Photographer Holly Andres - 10:24 The photo exhibition "Dreamers of Oregon" features big, dramatic black and white portraits of young men and women whose lives are really, really complicated right now. It went on view this week and is making the rounds in Washington and Multnomah Counties — starting at Pacific University, moving to Portland City Hall and other spots. The photographer of this exhibit, Holly Andres, describes herself as more of a farmer than a hunter: rather than capturing moments of serendipity, like a hunter would, Andres creates them. She builds a set, casts characters, and styles the lighting around her subjects, using as much intention and direction as a filmmaker might. What results is an emotional story richly saturated with color and ornamental backdrops. Her work’s been gaining momentum for years. She was shortlisted for a big industry award, the Ellie for Best Feature Photography, for an incredible spread that appeared in "New York" magazine. Opbmusic Turns 10: A Look Back At Sessions With Helio Sequence [21:42] & Kelli Schaefer [29:05] If you’re a regular State of Wonder listener, you know we partner up all the time with our friends at opbmusic. For 10 years now, they’ve been spotlighting the best in local and national bands, often bringing groups in for a studio session just before they break big nationally. Everyone from Big Thief and Jay Som to, most recently, Haley Heynderickxx. To celebrate their 10th birthday, they’re organizing a concert at the Crystal Ballroom on March 23 with a couple of their favorites: Helio Sequence, Kelli Schaefer, and Natasha Kmeto. To prep you for the big show, we decided to spend a few minutes listening back to those sessions. Tickets for the show are on sale now. Fixing the Arts Tax - 36:34 Collection rates the city’s Arts Education and Access Fund, better known as the Arts Tax, haven’t been great since the tax’s inception in 2012, in large part because the terms voters agreed to have required the Revenue Bureau to spend no more than 5 percent of gross collections over a five-year period. Now Portland City Council has removed that collection cap, although it will revisit collections costs every year. The revisions also expand some exemptions for the tax. The arts tax is due this year on April 17. The Design Element of Prosthetics - 38:13 When designers talk about designing for humans, most often we think about things that will add a little to your life: a shoe that will make you run faster, a mobile app that will make your website easier to navigate. But some design can truly transform the human experience, and nowhere is that more apparent than at a new exhibit called “Bespoke Bodies: The Design And Craft Of Prosthetics.” It’s curated by the Design Museum Portland at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and it looks at prosthetics not simply as a medical issue, but as a design challenge.
2018-03-16 21:55:18 UTC

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