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Introducing American History Tellers

A point we’ve made here on Sword and Scale, over and over again, is that the stories we think we’ve heard, the people we think we know are never quite what we think they are - nothing is ever as it initially appears.

The worst monsters are real, and the worst stories are true... and we can see example after example of that when we go through the pages of American History.

How well do you really know the stories that made this country? The backroom wheeling and dealing that led to the creation of our nation, or the laws of prohibition passed in the early 20th century that turned almost every citizen into a law breaker?

We live in a time of identity politics, where countless mindless drones head to twitter to retweet someone else’s political stance. Many of us don’t even take the time to understand our own political beliefs or where they come from…

Don’t be a drone. American history is the greatest story ever told, and there’s a new show, from Wondery, which will tell you this grand story of our American History. It’s called American History Tellers, and it launches January 3rd.  Go subscribe right now at smarturl.it/AHT

They will take you to the events, times, and people that shaped America and the Americans.

The show uses immersive sound design with a compelling narrative put you in the shoes of everyday citizens living through the Cold War, or Prohibition, the Space Race, or the Gold Rush.

American History Tellers has teamed up with PhD historians to make sure you get the right story. And they show you how our history affected the people of this nation, their families… and affects you even today.

Here’s a special preview of American History Tellers. If you like it be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss a thing. Again that’s American History Tellers. Look for it on iTunes, and everywhere podcasts are available…

2018-01-04 00:56:20 UTC

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