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TLS #269: LoA Q+A: Reality Transurfing, Cultural Conditioning & Getting What You Want More Easefully with Aaron Doughty
Today’s episode of TLS features one of my favorite YouTubers and return guest, Aaron Doughty, who is dedicated to helping people expand their awareness through principles like LoA. It’s always a treat for me to talk with Aaron because he has been studying LoA and other consciousness topics very deeply for many years - so coming together allows us to jam and go deep on these topics. And I gotta say, this episode is full of good nuggets. Today, we are talking about the principles shared in the Reality Transurfing books, which I spent four months reading and writing down in my notebooks in 2017. Aaron, like myself, has become fascinated with the way LoA is described and applied in this text -- and we’re sharing how you can use these concepts in your life today. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about how LoA affects large groups of people, how to deal with difficult work environments, or for anyone who wants to go deep, deep, deep on the concepts of LoA.       [Tweet "“Desire can be powerful if translated into intention." - @aaron_doughty44"] [Tweet "“Be yourself 100% and take action from that point of view." - @aaron_doughty44"] [Tweet "“If you’re not resisting it, you’re not adding energy to it." - @aaron_doughty44"] [Tweet "“We give the meanings to the things in our life" - @aaron_doughty44"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Aaron talks about how he began reading the book Reality Transurfing and how he applies those principles to his life. He describes Reality Transurfing as a philosophy on how you see life, rather than just the manifestation process. Aaron tells us that decreased importance is one concept that helps us resonate what we want to experience. He examines that decreased importance is made up of the vibration of desire, intention and action for something. Aaron reviews the collective consciousness and the pendullium effect and being aware and observant of thought structures. He discusses that with Reality Transurfing, your goals need to be connected to your heart - something you are passionate about.   SHOW NOTES   Reality Transurfing   Aaron Doughty - YouTube Abraham Hicks Bashar Flow with Intention Online Heart Math Rob Bell The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Think and Grow Rich   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    
2018-03-15 06:00:21 UTC

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