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TLS #247: The Power & Clarity of Leaving a Career to Find Alignment with Kristyn Judkins
Today’s Lively Show is one of my very favorites from Season 4 of TLS! Today I’m speaking with FWIO and LWIO member and friend, Kristyn Judkins, about her career journey as a lawyer and beyond. Her journey involves leaving her law career for integrative nutrition -- and a powerful new shift away from wholistic coaching… into a whole new position and a new level of awareness and understanding when it comes to flow, alignment, and career. This episode is the perfect blend of a conversation that we easily could have had in Seasons 1-3, and at the same time, we layer in Season 4 awareness and consciousness to what is really going on. This episode is perfect for anyone who is not feeling fully fulfilled by their career and looking to hear a story of someone who has traveled this path and found the ultimate freedom and alignment in work.     [Tweet "“I have to follow what’s good for me, what put’s me into alignment and what brings me joy." - @kristynjudkins"] [Tweet "“It’s my life and I have to live it." - @kristynjudkins"] [Tweet "“The freedom is in your way of approaching life." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Kristyn tells us that she had a “30 year plan”  as she went to school and pursued her career in law, which she thought she was supposed to do. She describes the physical effects of the pressure and stress she was receiving while working at the law firm. Kristyn discusses in depth about the job stress and how that stress was possible a disconnect with her intuition. She reviews how her job change still wasn’t right for her, which she knew from early on in her training.   SHOW NOTES   Designing Your Life Abraham Hicks TLS #221 with Gregorio Avanzini TLS #242 with Jacob Lieberman   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    
2017-10-19 06:00:31 UTC

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