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TLS #234: Overcoming money blocks through Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer
Today on TLS, we are having Marisa Peer back on the show in a unique way (here’s her first interview)... we are sharing a Rapid Transformational Therapy therapy session with a woman who had issues keeping and maintaining money in her life. For people with money blocks, this episode can be particularly powerful. And for anyone who is curious about the power of using the subconscious to change habits, this example of RTT will also be quite fascinating. This episode is perfect for anyone who has issues attracting or maintaining money, or for anyone who wants to experience a Rapid Transformation Therapy session. PS: Here is the link to find a RTT Therapist online or in an area near you.       SHOW NOTES   TLS #229 with Marisa Peer Find a RTT Therapist     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    
2017-08-17 06:00:46 UTC

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