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688: The Propaganda Campaign Continues Over Net Neutrality Repeal

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Even Fox News is jumping on the net neutrality fear mongering. In an article from their website they claim "On Thursday, the FCC repealed Obama-era net neutrality rules, junking the long-time principle that all web traffic must be treated equally."

What do they mean "long-term principle"? The current regulation has only been in effect since 2015! And what about the claim that all web traffic must be treated equally? Why? Why can't I buy faster speeds if I want to? Why can't I save money if I don't want or need faster speeds?

And let us not forget the underlying truth about net neutrality. The regulation attempted to fix a problem that didn't exist. It was an excuse for the government to finally get it hands on one of the last "free" markets on earth. And the sad thing is, most people championed the move.

Now that it's been repealed what changes can you expect? None, absolutely nothing will change. There wasn't a problem before, and there won't be one now. What you may see are new options in internet speeds based on the needs of the consumer but you aren't going to be throttled or blocked by your ISP from seeing specific content.

Have a great weekend everyone!


2017-12-15 18:50:36 UTC

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