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781: The Summit is Canceled. Was it Ever Going to Happen?

Today the President sent a letter to the North Korean dictator informing him that the planned summit in June between the two leaders had been canceled.

The president claimed it was due to recent comments made by Kim Jong Un about the joint military operation between South Korea and America.

There are a lot of questions as to whether this meeting was ever going to take place. Typically these types of meetings can take more than a year to set up and certainly it would not have resulted in any lasting agreement between the two countries.

But the meeting signaled a new era in diplomatic relations with North Korea. As a libertarian, I believe talking is better than not talking so word of the cancelation didn't sit well with me.

If you have two leaders who are angry and threatening each other but who are both willing to sit down and talk then why not talk? Maybe the summit fails, maybe it's a disastrous waste of what. I know I'm in the minority on this but I wish the President had made a different decision.

That being said there is nothing saying the meeting won't be rescheduled. North Korea wants a seat at the table and this is likely a minor setback that could have been orchestrated to give the President more time to prep for the meeting.

Time will tell,


2018-05-24 22:40:45 UTC

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