Submarine Sea Stories | Ever wonder what it's like to spend the cold war under water with 100 other guys?
During the height of the cold war when Ronald Regan called the Soviet Union the evil empire, Bill Nowicki was in the Navy. He was a nuclear-trained electrician's mate aboard the Los Angeles class fast attack submarine, the USS Minneapolis / St. Paul (SSN 708) with 100 highly trained shipmates. These are the memories of those difficult (and sometimes hilarious) times told by the men who depended on one another for their lives.

First podcast to feature the amazing stories of life aboard a submarine! By Navy Veteran, Bill Nowicki
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EP47, Royal Navy Artificer and Officer, David Cunningham
David grew up on the West Coast of Scotland and was surrounded by water. His Mom said he always talked about joining the Navy, but he doesn’t remember why. He joined as an Artificer Apprentice in 1983. This position was created back in the Victorian Era as the amount of technical work required on ships […]
2017-09-18 00:02:53 UTC

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