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In this new global era, your child’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence) will be far more important than IQ. High EQ is responsible for great leadership skills, confidence, happiness and can determine who flourishes and who flounders. Listen in to these engaging talks and learn about EQ, through interesting interviews, ideas and discussions you will build your own consciousness in this area. Then learn what to say and do to build this crucial skill so your kids can carve a life they get excited about.

Rhea Lalla: Author & Parent Coach
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BGM 018: Why it’s so important to have an EQ Toy now more than ever

There are many toys that build IQ and many that build CQ (Creative Intelligence). Why is it so crucial for parents to introduce their kids to toys that build EQ? Listen to my interview on the Jennifer Campbell show why toys that build Emotional Intelligence will prepare your kids for their best life now and […]

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