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Learn strategies to increase likability, build deeper relationships, become more powerful in your communication while being authentic as you create a new you that accomplishes any goal because you now can harness the power of the people around you.

Arel Moodie host of one of the top rated podcast for people who are looking to become more likable, build stronger relationships and crush it personally and professionally while remaining 100% authentic to who they are. Likability and charisma are not
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187) How to Have REAL Joy

Ever catch yourself wishing you had 500,000 Instagram followers, or dreaming that you were richer than some other person?

These thoughts bring angst and take away from enjoying life; they really do.

I think it's odd that we tend to focus on what we lack rather than what we have.  And if you think about what you have, oh boy.  The inherent value of what you have is immense.  Your smartphone, computer, home, cash on hand, medical care, even the access to clean drinking water.

Jump in with me to the latest episode of the Art of Likability, where we realize that you're probably richer than you're letting on, and how we can have REAL joy from this revelation.

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2018-06-18 09:00:00 UTC

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