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Dr. Joseph Mercola - How to Prevent Cancer and Reverse Degenerative Disease

Every day in the United States, 1,600 people die from cancer—and that number is increasing. But close to 95 percent of these cases can be effectively reversed or prevented from the start. In this groundbreaking talk, Dr. Joseph Mercola gives you an arsenal of knowledge and tools to use in the prevention of both cancer and degenerative disease. A passionate advocate of natural medicine and creator of the #1 natural-health website in the world, Dr. Mercola wants you to know that cancer is not due to genetics—it’s largely due to the foods you eat. You’ll learn exactly what you should and should not eat; the power of healthy fats and intermittent fasting; the importance of movement, sunshine, and water; and so much more. “Your body is designed to be healthy,” Dr. Mercola says. “It’s not in any way, shape, or form designed to be ill. If you give it what it needs, it will get healthy no matter what.” Have a pen and paper ready, because this interview is chock-full of lifesaving information.

2018-01-14 07:59:00 UTC

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