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Sonia Choquette - Proven Techniques to Boost Your Intuition and Imagination

Tune in to this lovely, calming interview with Sonia Choquette, world-renowned intuitive, spiritual teacher, and author of 20 books, including her newest, Your 3 Best Super Powers. Sonia begins by talking about the differences between the terms psychic and intuitive, and how we all have super powers—whether we realize it or not! The conversation takes listeners through the three super powers we all possess, as Sonia explains why meditation, the first super power, is a gift that you can give yourself, and then she describes how she taught her daughters about meditation. You’ll also learn the ways we can feed our imagination and the two words that can instantly put you in a state to invite more imagination. Sonia teaches us how to open our chakras, get into the flow, and find our inner voice. You’ll also experience a guided meditation and a guided exercise to tap into your intuition.

2018-04-15 07:00:00 UTC

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