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#80 Navigating Children and Career - with Melissa Pasquale & Jerry Colonna
In a modern working world which often venerates the ‘grind,’ - long hours and dogged work-ethic - as the dominating model for focused career development, where does that leave room for building families and raising children? In today’s episode, Jerry is joined by Melissa Pasquale, mother of three and Chief Operating Officer at Engain. Together, Melissa and Jerry consider the navigational challenges of being a parent while maintaining a career. Throughout their conversation, Jerry calls on Melissa to consider the fallacy in yearning for the perfect work-life balance; asking us all to consider that our longing to achieve harmony between work and life inevitably imparts feelings of guilt at our inability to do it all (the notion of, "I'm not really working unless I'm panting.”). When we recognize that we can’t absolve the guilt we feel in that nebulous place of balance between work and life, we can pause to consider the deeper question of, “How we are complicit in the need to be ‘good’ enough - at work, as parents, and in life?”
2018-03-21 00:00:00 UTC

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