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#174: How I Would Grow a Local Fitness Rehab Clinic with Facebook Ads

I want to do something a little bit different with you here today, and it’s something that I want to start doing more of on the podcast. I’ll be taking a business and sharing with you how I would market it on Facebook. Today’s business is a small fitness and rehab clinic, Fix Body Group, a local company that my wife and I are actually clients of.

Recently the owner of this business, Sean, introduced himself to me and explained the current marketing strategy that they’re using at the local level. I then gave him my suggestions on how they should be using Facebook, as well as Instagram, to grow the business. 

Regardless of what type of business you have, my conversation with Sean is very relevant. I’d like you to take what jumps out at your and apply it to your own business, or for clients that you manage Facebook ads for. As you’ll see, you really don’t have to be spending a lot of money to implement and effective marketing strategy online! 

On the Show Today You’ll Learn: 

  • The key step that you need to start with (and something Sean was missing)
  • Why having a Facebook pixel on your site isn’t enough, and what you need to be doing with it
  • What video strategy I recommend for them, and then what can be done with the content they’re creating
  • The types of ads I’d be testing in their situation
  • And much more! 

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2018-01-17 08:30:00 UTC

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