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When Two Roads Lead To One Path With The Young Fables

Whether you believe in karma or a higher power or just good old juju coming from the universe, sometimes two roads can lead to one path in our lives. That’s exactly what happened with my husband Jeff and myself a few years back and that’s what happened with this week’s musical guests, the Young Fables.

Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford (the Young Fables) are a dynamic duo of singer-songwriters that steadily has Music City talking about their unique and honest approach to songwriting, along with their infectious live shows. Heavyweights like Sheryl Crow and Keith Urban have even become “Fable Fanatics.” Oh, and they happen to be a duo that fell in love in real-life as well.

On This Podcast Episode:

The Young Fables joined us from Nashville to talk about finding love and the music they were meant to play, how their Kickstarter fundraiser went over the top live on the radio and their new album, Old Songs that’s due May 4.

My co-host for the podcast is my husband, Jeff Game, a travel, and music journalist that's always on the hunt for a good story to tell. 

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