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Is An MBA Worth The Investment - Alex Grodnik

Inspired by a listener question from Brandon, the answer to the question, "Is an MBA worth the investment," might surprise you.

While student loan debt currently sits around $1.4 trillion dollars in the U.S., the thought of tacking on more debt might not seem like a great idea...unless it actually is. Our guest on this podcast episode provides some great food for thought to help you figure out if graduate school is worth the investment.

On This Podcast Episode:

Alex Grodnik, MBA, fellow millennial podcaster from Wall Street Oasis, and co-founder of a new fintech startup, Payclub, shares his story to graduate school and how that one decision has shaped so much of his career story. Whether you're deciding to go to graduate school or not, Alex is sharing some great life lessons about finding your passion and what it takes to chase after it.

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