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Hi! I'm Belah. Discover with me the secrets to an incredible marriage! Join us, as I interview inspiring and amazing wives and marriage experts who share stories of their difficulties, joys, relationship advice, and secrets to a lasting marriage. I ask each guest to share advice about sexual intimacy as well! Listen in to find out how long-time wives have kept the fun, peace and passion alive!

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187-Get Turned on by Him

Questions Discussed:

  • Is it helpful to fantasize about others?
  • How to get turned on
  • How to have an orgasm
  • Female erections
  • How to rekindle your attraction
  • How to get turned on even if you don't "like" him right now
  • How you can be turned on by him 
    • What he can do
    • What you can do



I didn’t feel I could give the specificity I’d like to on a public platform like a podcast or website. So, I’m including VERY practical understandings and examples (language, scenarios, actions) you can use immediately in this course! And the biblical foundations as to why you should be able to enjoy!

Check out The Seduction Course: (Christian) Hot Sex, Step A, B, C.

  • The 3 Components of Seduction
  • Freedom in Language & Actions (Why & HOW!)
  • Teasing & Variety for Hot Sex (Specifically)
  • Three Things to Steer Clear of At all Costs
  • All Steamy AND Sacred
2018-05-08 03:00:48 UTC

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