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Something Wild: Life Abounds in Alpine Zones
So the thing about “nature shows” - even this one - is that we tend to talk about plant and animal species in pretty independent terms. "The red-tailed hawk eats this, sounds like that, does this in the winter…" But as we’ve tried to explain over the years (here at Something Wild) the hawk is just one resident in a complex ecological puzzle; she interacts with other animals and plants in the neighborhood. In this installment of NH’s Wild Neighborhoods we're going to take a look at another of NH's natural communities: the alpine zone! You don’t need a time machine to investigate this particular natural community, but visiting an alpine zone is a bit like traveling through time. Alpine zones are the last remaining vestige of what New England's landscape looked like 12,000 years ago just after the last glacier melted away. And there are a lot of cool things about the alpine habitat. In addition to being among the coldest parts of the state, alpine zones are also the highest points of the
2018-01-05 13:40:00 UTC

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