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We are reclaiming what it means to be a man. Each week we interview the world’s most successful men on the planet - elite athletes, warriors, New York Times Bestselling Authors, and world-class entrepreneurs – extract their hard-fought lessons and experiences and deliver them straight to you. Past guests include Jocko Willink, Tim Kennedy, Andy Frisella, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone, Ryan Holiday, Ben Greenfield, Rich Roll, and so many more. If you’re ready to level up your life as a man, this is the show for you.

Ryan Michler: Conversations with Jocko Willink, Tim Kennedy, Grant Cardone, Ben Greenfield, Rich Roll, Andy Frisella, Ted Nugent, and many more
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FFN 104: Building a Thriving Tribe

I want to talk with you about building a thriving tribe. Now, this may be a conversation geared towards those who are working to build their own business/social media tribes like we’ve done here but, really, it’s for any man who wants to lead. And, all men are leaders.

So, whether you’re leading a tribe of hundreds of thousands that spans the entire planet (like we are here), or you’ve been tasked with leading a new project at work, or you’ve got a wife and children to protect, provide, and preside for, or you’re a coach or school teacher, or in the military, or going to school, we all have tribes to lead. Today, I’m going to walk you through a few key insights that have helped me build this tribe significantly larger and more significant than I ever could have imagined.


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2018-04-20 10:30:00 UTC

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