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Becoming a Minimalist | Joshua Becker

Every time you turn around, you're bombarded with a thousand ads, a million choices, and an endless supply of options and "opportunities." It's becoming increasingly difficult to manage the landscape of the ever-growing decisions that need to be made. Add to that our desire to be seen and perceived a certain way by people we may not even know or like, and it's easy to see why the disease of wanting more is becoming a real problem.

My guest today, Joshua Becker, makes the case for why more is less. He argues (and, I agree) that having less stuff in our life can truly unlock the key to a more meaningful and purpose-driven life. We talk about the benefits of owning less, why we have the desire to own more than we'll ever need or use, the burden extra possessions place on our lives, and how you can become a minimalist.


  • The positive benefits of owning less
  • The first things you should get rid of
  • Why living on less can be so challenging
  • How our brains aren't able to handle maximum input
  • The burden "stuff" places on our lives
  • Three reasons we feel the need to own so much stuff
  • How to build the habit of living off less
  • How to decide what the keep and what to eliminate
  • Why money does not equal happiness and security
  • The power of being more generous with your money
  • How to overcome the resistance to living minimally
  • The very first steps to reducing your amount of possessions


Gentlemen, I have the honor of introducing you to my guest today, Joshua Becker.

He is the founder of Becoming Minimalist and the bestselling author of The More of Less. And, in the spirit of the message we'll be discussing today, I will keep this introduction short.

We were introduced by a mutual friend who had taken much of what Joshua has been teaching and incorporating it into his own life. I did some initial research and immediately recognized a need to adopt the practice of "rational minimalism" into my own. I've already begun implementing some of his teachings and I can honestly say I've been able to free up more mental and physical capacity for more important pursuits in my life.


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2018-06-19 10:30:00 UTC

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