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Politics. Policy. Polling. Pop Culture. Explore what America's thinking with two of the country's leading pollsters-the bipartisan team of Democrat Margie Omero and Republican Kristen Soltis Anderson. In this weekly podcast we take a fresh, friendly look at the numbers driving the week's biggest stories in news, politics, tech, entertainment and pop culture. Along with the occasional interview with pollsters, journalists, and other industry leaders, we'll lift the hood on the numbers revealing the hidden secrets of the public's mind.

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#121: You're so very special. We wish we were special. (6/21/17)
We write back sometimes! So follow us @thepollsters and @ksoltisanderson @margieomero. Don't forget to send Margie you're glastonbury reco's! Poll of the Week Planet Fitness/ Kelton Global: The Dad Bod is the “New Shape of Sexy” Georgia 6th Special Election RealClearPolitics: Georgia 6th District Projections This Week in Trump HuffPost: Trump Approval Ratings AP-NORC: Views of Trump’s Work in Office AP-NORC: Public’s attitudes about Trump and the Russia Investigation Presidents after Retirement Gallup: Bush and Obama popularity in retirement Civility -- US Politics CBSNEWS: US Political debate is becoming more uncivil Public Relations PR Professionals-USC: How the White House has impacted the public relations profession Rural-Urban Divides Washington Post: Cultural and value-based differences between rural and urban Americans Washington Post: Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation Topline & Methodology Close AP-NORC: Summer Vacation Plans of Americans AP-NORC: Many Americans cannot afford summer vacation
2017-06-21 17:38:59 UTC

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