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255: Creating a story-based German course

This episode is a broadcast of interview with me from The Fluent Show, a (newly rebranded) podcast run by my friends Kerstin and Lindsay.

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In this conversation, we present a project Kerstin and I have been working on together for a while: German Uncovered. German Uncovered is a course for beginners who want to become fluent in German, and we are slowly getting ready to release it to the world. Exciting times! The special thing about German Uncovered is that it is entirely story-based, meaning you will not just learn the language step by step, but you'll also have read a whole book by the end. Listen in to find out how this works! If you're interested in what drives course creators to come up with innovative ideas, and how a language course comes into being, this show will give you great behind the scenes insights.

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2018-04-19 08:00:00 UTC

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