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Kawhisis, Volume 79; News; Mailbag (Topics in Show Description)
We hit on the latest in the Kawhi Leonard saga, including some news that was lost in the ether that seems more important than what's being highlighted nationally.  Then a catch up on the rest of news around the league, including the latest on Kyrie. That's followed by a public mailbag, answering the following questions: In the spirit of Shea Serrano’s book, who are your memory heroes? That is, guys who you grew up thinking were way way better than they actually were (Shea’s was Vinny Del Negro, Ramona Shelburne’s Nick van Exel, Zach Lowe’s Antoine Walker to give a few examples). Who are the top 5-10 current nuclear athletes? What factor is most responsible for the relative scarcity of 3s  and surplus of capable options at 5? Can you come up with an 8-9 man rotation of players that haven't made the all star game in their careers that  would for sure be top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficiency? Which team do u think would be the best fit for Paul George? Okc, 76, Lal or the others ? Is it possible to get a fair read on a player put in lineups designed to fail and composed of other young players with equally unknown or dubious NBA futures? Who would you offer a four-year contract to, to fit with Dame and CJ's age curve?
2018-03-22 20:00:00 UTC

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