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SLP 129 Two Girls in a Tiny House

Stephanie Kubes is a single mom who is a Certified Veterinary Technician and spent 5 years planning and researching for her build before proudly becoming a Tiny Homeowner in the fall of 2017. She and her 5-year-old daughter now live in their tiny home, The Willow Tree, and refer to themselves as Two Girls and a Tiny. Stephanie began as a client with Midwest Tiny Living but quickly evolved into the Project Manager for the company. She plans to transition her career full-time into helping build Tiny Homeowners!


In our discussion, Stephanie describes her inspirations for building a tiny house, which focuses on the desire to acquire home ownership. Going with the flow during your design and build can save you a lot of stress, according to Stephanie’s experience. Asking for help was an essential piece on her journey. She reveals her secret to finding a parking spot and how she made a place to call home happen for her.


Stephanie talks about key design features and that your design ultimately comes down to your needs. She also emphasizes having some foresight in your design by trying to think about what the future may bring so your design can grow with you and your dreams. Her larger bathroom was an essential part of her build, along with a very functional kitchen. She also did an amazing job bringing nature and lighting to her house with an emphasis on big windows.


Her biggest take away from the experience is not to be afraid to ask for help. There are so many amazing people in the tiny house community, as well as friends and family who are more than willing to help.


You can find Stephanie on social media @twogirlsandatiny on Instagram and Facebook, or on her webpage,


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2018-03-15 03:18:43 UTC

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