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Life, is indeed a highway, where there are no exit signs. Are you stuck in debt? A relationship that isn’t going anywhere? Maybe you’re wishing to change jobs, or career tracks. This podcast is designed to help you focus on your immediate goal, one goal at a time. Follow along as Cece, the host, challenges herself and others to change their lives one focus at a time. Welcome, to Sincerely Yours.

Cece Denno pulling inspiration from Dear Sugar Radio and Millennial
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Projects Help the World Go Round
We all have times in our lives when we are required to take a big initiative. What if we were intentional about what we are working on and what we want to accomplish? I realized recently that these are projects we add to our lives to get to where we are to where we want to be. We take a look into projects and what we can do with a positive attitude going into it to ultimately help or change the world around us. We are lucky to have two guests who share their own projects and what they are currently working on. First, we welcome Sarah (our first listener guest)! She is currently raising puppies for the leader dog academy. She mentioned a few ways to find more information on the program: Her puppy now is Wilbur and has his very own Facebook page and can be found here: Next we welcome back to the show, Anne, who appeared in one of the first episodes. She has taken on an anti-plastic initiative where she is trying to use less plastic. It’s great to hear how a little change can make a huge difference for our world. Thus I encourage you to embark on your own project and see where it leads to! If you want to share your project, let me know what you’re working on! Includes "Les métamorphoses du vide" 613 Album by Chapelier Fou Always on the lookout for QUOTABLES! Send in your favorite quotes, saying, catchphrases and you'll get to hear it on a future show! Email them in: You can find me all over the social sphere Facebook and Instagram @ceceknowsitall also Twitter @sincerelyceced Not too much on Facebook these days but mostly all over Twitter any day and everyday Produced by CAD Signature Audio LLC
2018-06-14 07:00:00 UTC

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