The Truth Barrel with Gabrielle Reece and Neil Strauss
Life isn't easy. And most people have secrets they don't discuss: affairs, fears, challenges, double lives, and inner struggles. In The Truth Barrel (a 220 degree barrel sauna), New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss (The Game) and pro athlete Gabby Reece (NBC's Strong) sweat the truth out of some of the most famous, knowledgeable, and interesting people in the world, from Grammy-winning musicians to gold-medal Olympians. The goal: To learn from these experiences and solve the biggest challenges of life that most people are too afraid to discuss.

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A Special Announcement from Gabby and Neil (plus the greatest coffee recipe of all time)
The rumors are true. This will be the final episode of The Truth Barrel (for now). The podcast will be going on hiatus while Gabby and her family spend the winter in Hawaii. Before leaving, though, Gabby and Neil wanted to share a few special tips, such as:

- Which Truth Barrel episodes Gabby and Neil recommend you listen to again.
- How to keep learning from Gabby and Neil during their hiatus.
- How Gabby and Neil handle social media trolls
- The secrets behind Gabby and Laird's coffee recipe and regimen.
- Tips on balancing politeness with assertiveness.
- Words of gratitude for the Truth Barrel audience.

And as always, be sure to keep in touch with Gabby and Neil at and
2017-11-14 22:10:00 UTC

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