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What is Freemasonry? Are the Freemasons really a Secret Society? How can the Masonic Journey transform a good man into a better man? The honorable fraternity of Freemasonry has endured for centuries and has been present in some of the greatest moments in modern history. What sets Masons apart from an ordinary man? The answer to these and many questions are explained in this Masonic Podcast. Created by a Master Mason for Masons and those interested in knowing more about Masonry and the Art of Self improvement.

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TWS 041 Building Blocks

Do you love Masonry? Do you love playing with Lego Building Blocks? If you answered yes to these two seemingly disparate questions, then you are up for a treat! On this episode of The Winding Stairs, I speak with Bro. Joshua Poole about a proposed model of The House of The Temple, which has the potential of being added to the Architecture line of Legos. The good thing is that you can help us make this a reality. 

To vote for the House of the Temple Set, visit:

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2017-04-20 03:04:28 UTC

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